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Institute of Christian Nursing Leadership

Institute Leadership

Leadership of the International Institute of Christian Nursing now consists of a Director, a Manager and the Institute Steering Group who support and monitor the activities of the Institute on behalf of the NCFI Executive.  For the past two years Professor Barbara Parfitt from the UK. was the Acting Director of the Institute.   In April 2019 NCFI appointed a permanent Director and a Manager to assist in developing the work of the Institute.



Dr. Denise Schmitt is the CEO of DLS Consulting Network and Leary’s Literary Lines located in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area in the USA. Dr. Schmitt has an extensive background in teaching, critical care, and emergency nursing. Dr. Schmitt developed Transcending Traditional Leader-Follower Relationships: A new model for growing, supporting, and loving your team in an effort to honor the uniqueness each human being brings to the caring relationship in nursing. Dr. Schmitt’s perspective is that there is shared accountability for respect and trust between leaders and followers when H.E.A.R.T centered leadership based upon biblical principles prevail. ”


SULMAN SIDDIQUE,  RN, MSc PhD Research Student

   Sulman  Siddique is a UK based nurse with over 7 years experience of working as international nursing education consultant in low- and middle-income countries. Sulman is passionate about supporting the growth and development of international nursing, particularly Christian nursing education in developing countries. His interests focus on person-centered care, evidence-based practice, spiritual care and health promotion. He is a visiting lecturer at Islamabad Nursing College in Pakistan and he is also a second-year PhD research student at Coventry University, studying the impact of digital health interventions on the wellbeing of people with chronic health conditions. He is very much excited to start in his role as the manager of the IICN and looks forward to represent, equip and serve Christian nurses globally



The programs are led by a Program Committee comprising the leaders of the various programmes that the Institute offers.  Each leader in turn heads up a subcommittee made up of experts within the given field of their speciality.

At present the leaders of the sub committees include:

Spiritual Care led by  Dr. Amy Rex Smith. and Carrie Dameron.

Leadership led by Dr. Kamalini Kumar

Faith and Community Nursing led by Marabel Kersey

The Saline Course led by Carol Rowley

A Teaching and Learning course is currently in preparation

It is proposed to develop a course focusing on Caring from a Christian World view and the Institute is seeking contact with anyone interested in helping to develop this course. If you have an interest in participating in any other of these sub-committees we would welcome your inquiry!

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