Christian Nurse International (CNI)


Christian Nurse International (CNI) is the official journal of the Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI). It is published normally twice in a year and contains a wide variety of material for the benefit of its members and readers. It  includes not only research and academic papers but testimonies, bible studies, meditations and reviews. The aim of the journal is to give Christian nurses a voice. A place where they can confidently share their experiences and achievements.


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Writing for CNI

We encourage new writers to submit papers as the journal is a safe place for them to start a  publishing career. We also encourage those writing in English for the first time to submit their contributions even though they  may hesitate due to a  belief that the English is not good enough. We endeavour to assist our authors by editing and improving their manuscripts if necessary.

All papers that are submitted to CNI are peer reviewed primarily to ensure that the content is acceptable to the aims and values of the organisation.  Although we aim to  print material that is congruent with NCFI aims and values but we do not take responsibility for the views of our writers.

Authors wishing to submit a contribution to CNI must follow the guidelines provided. If not the manuscript will be returned for compliance before being considered.

Download the guidelines for making a submission to CNI

Editorial-Notes.docx (231 downloads)

The Editorial Committee

The editorial committee is representative of  the NCFI regions. The role of the editorial committee is to ensure that the journal is

Reviewers are not necessarily committee members but NCF Country members who are  interested in reviewing papers submitted to CNI. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for CNI please contact the editor.