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Collaborative Research

Collaborative Research

One of the goals of the Institute is to encourage collaborative research. The first step in facilitating collaboration is to identify current research being conducted along with additional areas of interest. The Institute will update this location as we learn about more research interests. Please review the topics below.

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Current Research Topics

1. Spiritual Care

Dr. Tove Giske and Dr. Pamela Cone have been collaborating on topics related to spiritual care for several years.  They have presented and published their research and would be interested in sharing or looking at other views.  Below is a recent article published by Giske & Cone.

2. Caring From a Christian Worldview

Caring has been a concept embraced by modern nursing since Florence Nightingale.  However, the foundations come from the biblical principles and nurses serving God through serving others.  In western nursing the concept of caring has changed from these roots to new age philosophies.  Dr. Shirlene Newbanks and Dr. Linda Rieg are interested in collaborating with others to explore a theory of caring from a Christian Worldview.