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Collaborative Research

Collaborative Research & Evidence-Based Project


Much research has been conducted on secular spiritual care, often in isolated pockets of patients or diagnoses. IICN encourages Christian nurses, be you scholar or direct patient care provider, to engage in research and/or evidence-based project on spiritual care from a Christian worldview. To then enhance your study or project, consider the value of a collaborative partnership with another Christian nurse across your state, nation or the globe.

Current Research Topics

1. Spiritual Care

Dr. Tove Giske (Norway) and Dr. Pamela Cone (California USA) have been collaborating on topics related to spiritual care for several years.  They have presented and published their research and would be interested in sharing or looking at other views.  Below is a recent article published by Giske & Cone.

2. Caring From a Christian Worldview

“In 1837, God spoke to me and called me to His service” (Florence Nightingale, 1867, Florence Nightingale Museum). Thus our modern nursing profession was grounded in the Christian faith and the caring nature of Jesus. Jesus as preacher, teacher, and healer permeates who we are and what we do.  Dr. Shirlene Newbanks and Dr. Linda Rieg are interested in collaborating with others to explore a theory of caring from a Christian Worldview.