‘NCFI Cares’ Devotional Book

CARES: Reflections for Nurses CARES Reflections for Nurses pdf_001

If you enjoy reading the NCFI Cares bi-monthly devotions, then you are in for a surprise–CARES: Reflections for Nurses expands on the poignancy of a devotion with the insight and application of a Bible study. Each of the 52 reflections includes devotion/discussion with suggestion reading, a responsorial question, and prayer.

Whether you want to uplift your personal faith journey, exemplify your Christ-like professional nursing, or bring the mercy of God to your patients, families, colleagues, and students, CARES: Reflections for Nurses contributes to your faith development. The reflections can also be used with a mentor/mentee relationship and/or facilitate a nurses fellowship group.

Did you notice the “sub title” Traducido al EspañolCARES: Reflections for Nurses has a unique feature. It is bilingual! Meaning–it has both English and Spanish in the same book!  So share it with your colleagues, who reside in Latin America and/or have Spanish as their primary language!