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Courses Overview

Courses Overview

One of the primary goals of the Institute is to develop educational materials for use by nurses around the world.  All of these courses are developed from the perspective of a Christian worldview.

Currently the Spiritual Care course has been taught in several countries.  It is the goal to train trainers who can then teach it to the nurses in their own countries.  You can review additional information below, but the course material is not available until you register for the course or have taken the training.

We would welcome hearing if you have areas of interest and would like to work on current or future courses.  You can contact us by completing the inquiry form on the right.

 Course Information and Program Leaders

The program leaders head up the core programmes provided by IICN. They each lead a team of experts who work with them to develop and deliver the programs.


The Art and Science of Spiritual Care

The Art and Science of Spiritual Care is an educational program building on a Christian foundation. It is designed to provide practicing nurses with the state of science of spiritual care. It also aims at providing nurses with skills to assess and address spiritual concerns of patients in a variety of settings and for patients coming from various religious/spiritual beliefs and backgrounds.  If interested, please complete the inquiry form on the right.

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Dr Amy Rex Smith PhD RN is the course leader of the Art and Science of Spiritual Care

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Amy Rex Smith PhD RN is Professor of Nursing and Director of the RN to BSN Online Program at Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi in the United States of America.  Her program of research is in spirituality and health.  Currently she is co-principle investigator on Churches’ Perceptions of Mental Health Needs and Resources in Jackson, Mississippi: A Qualitative Study”.  Dr. Rex Smith was one of the original developers of the Art and Science of Spiritual Care curriculum and has taught the course in many NCFI regions of the world.



Biblical leadership in Nursing

Leadership development is a personal and community process rooted in the tradition and ministry of Nurses Christian Fellowship International as we strives to: 1. Integrate, articulate, and implement the rich tradition of Nurses Christian Fellowship International 2. Strengthen and transform individual nurses, communities, and the organizations which are served 3. Engage and inspire nurses in their on-going growth as future leaders 4. Ground leaders and their organizations in the foundational Biblical values to ensure the mission of NCFI is preserved. The aim of this curriculum is to transform the lives of nurses who are leaders in their National Nurses Christian Fellowship groups, and to enable them to mentor future leaders in the organization.


Dr M. Kamalini Kumar, PhD RN is the course leader of the Biblical Leadership program


Dr M. Kamalini Kumar is a retired Director of Clinical and Professional Development, Mercy Medical Centre, Clinton, Iowa, USA, with over 40 years of teaching experience in health care and the public sector. She has been the past President of the NCFI Board is currently serving on the Board as President Emeritus. Dr. Kumar authored the Biblical Leadership Manual and has taught the course at both international and regional NCFI conferences.

Dr Sue Allen PhD  is a course leader for the Biblical Leadership program

Sue Allan

Dr. Sue Allen initially trained as a nurse and midwife and during her clinical career found herself called to a number of leadership roles. For the last ten years of her career Sue was Dean of the School of Health at the University of Northampton in the UK, responsible for over 3000 students and 150+ staff. Sue has been on her Christian journey since the age of seven and has always endeavoured to incorporate biblical principles into her own leadership behaviours, committed to the development of others and the importance of developing leaders who practice caring and compassion for the future. In retirement Sue continues to support leadership development through the Christian Medical Fellowship for nurses and midwifes in the UK as well as enjoying living in a vibrant and thriving village.

Phyllis J. Ferrier RN, BScN, IBCLC, MDiv (Counselling), RP, RMFT

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Phyllis has spent the balance of her Nursing Career in the very multicultural City of Toronto Public Health. Whether teaching various Community groups or as an Educator of Health Professionals, Phyllis has welcomed the challenge of engaging the learner in the process of wondering, inquiry, and discovery. Phyllis has a practice as a Registered Psychotherapist and a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist. She is the NCFI Regional Chair of CANA. She is currently pursuing a PhD with a focus in Professional Counselling & Education. However, Phyllis’ primary passion in life is to integrate what it means to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord into every aspect of living; which invariably includes professional practice.


The Saline Process

Saline Process

The Saline Process is a practical program that helps to equip and encourage health care workers to fulfil Jesus’ call to be salt and light (Matthew 5: 13-16). By use of presentations, discussions, case studies, & role plays, participants learn eight tools that can be put into practice with their patients and colleagues, always applying the ethical principles of permission, sensitivity, and respect. A Training of Trainers (TOT) program is also offered to those who have taken the Saline Process and would like to teach this course to others.

The Saline Process program became available to NCFI members through the partnership established between NCFI and IHS Global. If you are interested in taking or organizing a course in your area, or you would like more information, please complete the inquiry form at the right.

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Anne Biro, RN MN is the NCFI Saline coordinator and course leader 

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Anne Biro is a Canadian nurse who has lived and worked cross-culturally and internationally for most of her life.  Since graduating from nursing, she has worked in a variety of nursing jobs including acute care, home care, nursing education, administration and nursing policy (with the Pan American Health Organization). She is currently a PhD student studying the role and scope of the practice of Mongolian nurses.  She also volunteers as a private nurse consultant for Mongolian nurses studying at the graduate level and consults with foreigners in Mongolia needing assistance with health care. Anne is currently serving as the Vice-President of Nurses Christian Fellowship International.



The Faith Community Parish Nursing Course

This course is designed to train nurses in providing care within the community of faith. “The mission of faith community nursing is the intentional integration of the practice of faith with the practice of nursing so that people can achieve wholeness in, with, and through the community of faith in which faith community nurses serve.”  (The Fourteenth Annual Westberg Parish Nurse Symposium, September 2000).  The Faith Community Nursing course is offered through a partnership between NCFI and International Parish Nurse Resource Center (IPNRC).

Marabel Kersey RN MSN FCN is the course leader for the Faith Community Parish Nursing Course

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Marabel has served in Nursing in many areas including Education, CCU, OR, Faith Community/Parish nursing and short-term missions.  Her most recent service has been with NCFI teaching the 32-hour Faith Community/Parish Nurse Preparation Course in the US and abroad.  This course prepares the RN to serve a church congregation physically, emotionally and spiritually focusing on the hope of Jesus.